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About Developers

(Careful, longrid! :-) )

Who are we?
Аnd why did we start developing this module?
We are Lidia Kopaeva and Vitaly Zhandarov.

We are experts in management consulting, leaders training, building sales departaments from scratch, company restructuring, providing external auditing, defining areas of responsibility for company subdivisions, developing management decision-making IT projects.

15 years working / 200 successful projects / 1000 challenges solved
We develop IT instruments for non programmers.

We appreciate beautiful solutions – when you can solve new problem in just a few simple steps instead of pursuing new education or mastering new expertises.

We always try out our technologies and projects in our own businesses before releasing them.
We faced the need to create a simple online store to test the marketing idea or new business direction in our business projects many times. We just wanted to get a handsome, convenient and affordable online shop that would be easy to build into the existing company.

Unfortunately it turned out that design templates mostly look alike, and changing the online store design is expensive and costs a lot of time. But we wanted to have quick self-made shops.

We decided to take a classy and comfy website editor, a great online shop engine and create a module to combine them properly. We call it "connecting the beauty and cleverness". Now you can create website (online store) on your own or for a small price to pay.
Tilda webpage editor (
The Tilda was chosen as a web page editor. These guys are talented, creative and highly professional. Their platform allows to solve such task as:

  • Create a website with no programming skills or HTML/CSS knowledge

  • Website is created in the way that search engines see and understand well. All tools for web promotion are also provide

  • Adaptive markup - the website looks good on all devices. And it's made automatically on Tilda!

  • You can add your own scripts to your website, unlike the widely distributed WIX platform.

  • You can download your website HTML-code
X-Cart online shop engine (
The X-Cart was chosen as an online shop engine.

X-Cart platform is well conceived and allows you to do one important thing:

  • Create a test simple version of you online shop for a reasonable price
  • Expand the functionality on growing volumes and new requirements without having to change the engine. As far as X-Cart engine is a professional level platform - it has a wide functionality and flexibility.
1. Get away from standard templates, expensive and slow development cycle and get the showcase exactly what you ask for, using all the website types possible.
Create not just a catalog with your product list, images and prices but make:
a. story pages
b. blog pages
c. landing pages
d. tour pages
e. galleries with 'buy' buttons

And have a very convenient and stable online shop associated with your showcase.

2. If your company already have a website, there's no need to develop a separate online shop – just put the links to your products and 'buy' buttons on your existing pages.

3. Create your website copies to test the market, throw out experiments and no need to duplicate the whole online shop – just connect an unlimited number of different showcases to it!
4. Create pilot websites faster, with no need to deploy the online shop engine for each website.
We hope we are not the only ones who highly appreciate and search for beautiful solutions. That's why we made it possible for every X-cart user to experiment by simply installing the module from the marketplace.

See it, install it, use it and share your successes and discoveries!

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